Wood pellet heating market

Wood pellets, burners and boilers

The wood pellet market is an established and growing sector in New Zealand and some parts of Australia with a number of producers of fuel and providers of residential through to industrial scale heating equipment. With a large scale pellet fuelled heat plant now operating at Waiouru, the market is extended from small to medium scale commercial operations, and is competitive with gas and coal.

Activity is increasing as the popularity of pellets takes off. Use the following links to find out who is using pellets and where they are located:

Quality wood pellets - a consumer's guide

Wood Pellets can have a wide range of qualities. As a general rule the cheaper the pellets, the lower the quality.  When purchasing wood pellets check if they have been manufactured by an Accredited Wood Fuel Supplier. Accredited Suppliers are independently monitored to ensure that they are producing pellets to the appropriate standard. You will have trouble free heating if you purchase pellet fuel only from Accredited Suppliers. Also check that the heater of boiler you will be using the pellets in has been manufactured to be fuelled by the grade of pellet that you are purchasing.

More details can be found in the following publications:

What is the Bioenergy Association doing?

  • Residential Wood Pellet Heating Group (RWPHG) - The Bioenergy Association has formed a dedicated residential wood pellet heating group where members of the Association with a specific interest in wood pellets can work together to grou the residential wood pellet heating sector. The group takes the lead on activities and initiatives relating to growth of the wood pellet heating market including articles, research and workshops.
  • Commercial scale wood pellet heating is overseen by the Wood Energy Interest Group of the Association. The Interest Group manages this website and runs a programme of activities and workshops setting out best practice and providing independent information on the use of wood fuel (including wood pellets) for heating.
  • See the Bioenergy Association’s website for information on its wider activities and resources.

The Bioenergy Association works with its Members to fulfill its mission with regard to growing the wood pellet heating market by:

  • assisting members grow their wood pellet heating business - The Executive Officer is available to members to discuss on a confidentual basis any aspect of the wood pellet heating market.
  • providing leadership - Bioenergy Association is the industry body for development of the wood pellet heating market in New Zealand and Australia.
  • managing accreditation schemes for pellet fuel suppliers and residential heater installers - Purchase of pellet fuel from an Accredited Supplier ensures that the grade of pellet purcased meets the relevant standards and that heating installers are installing to best practice.
  • informing the community - Bioenergy Association prepares and disseminates accurate and up-to-date information on all aspects of the wood pellet heating sector.
  • advising governments - Bioenergy Association assists governments in policy development with well-considered, realistic proposals.
  • contributing to the development of fuel quality and equipment standards - Bioenergy Association supports the development of appropriate quality standards for wood fuels and will work with the market to promote compliance through all stages of the supply chain.
  • providing training and other support to members - Bioenergy Association supports its members with training, codes of practice, accreditation, and seminars and conferences.
  • encouraging research and development - Bioenergy Association supports and contributes to important research and development work by academic institutions, government authorities and kindred associations.
  • collaborating and communicating with associated entities - Bioenergy Association maintains close contact with related groups such as feed stock suppliers, pellet producers and distributors, equipment manufacturers, and heater and boiler retailers.
  • raising awareness - Bioenergy Association provides guidance and support to help New Zealand and Australian communities to recognise that wood pellets is a main stream heating source for homes and commercial scale applications.