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Wood pellet heating markets

  • Sweden consumes more than 20% of the world's wood pellets and demand is growing: (Wood Resource Quarterly, Sept 2009).  The decision by EU to use a minimum of 20% renewable energy by 2020 has drien a rapid increase in wood pellet production in Europe.  Sweden, Germany, Denmark and the UK are expected to have the fatest growth in consumption in the coming 10 years...  Read more here

Residential heating

  • Out with the old and in with ... Your heating options: (The Nelson Mail, June 2009), Geoff Collett looks at the move to remove thousands of old, inefficient woodburners from Nelson homes in an effort to end the city's winter air pollution. There may be nothing like a roaring fire to warm the cockles of your heart. But there's surely nothing to make the blood boil quite like the feeling that bureaucracy is going to interfere with your right to light that fire.  Read more here
  • Nature's Flame wood pellet ash organic certified: (Scoop Media, April 2007), “This certification means buyers can be confident the ash from our pellet fires can be used as a fertiliser for organic gardens,” says Steve Cunningham, General Manager of Nature’s Flame. The Nature’s Flame heating system uses specially designed clean-burning fireplaces. The wood pellets are made at our plants in Taupo, from untreated wood residues such as sawdust from sawmills and furniture manufacturers and recycled freight pallets and other waste timber that has been chipped. The wood waste is dried and milled and fed into machines where it is compressed and bound by its own natural resins. Read more here
  • Green Heat: (Consumer Magazine, March 2007).  Compressed wood pellets - burning them in a purpose-built fire is one of the lowerst-cost and most environmentally friendly ways of heating your home.  Bill Whitley goes green.  Read more here
  • Pellet fires vs Woodburners: ( article).  As darkness and winter chills kick in there's comfort-primal pleasure even - in the sight of leaping flames.  Trouble is, open fires are hopelessly inefficient, coal-burners are evil and fake-flame gas heaters are for grannies.  If you love fire, what're your best options?  Read more here

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