Producing biofuel

Biomass residue listing

The following have biomass available which could be processed into wood fuel:

Company Types of biomass Location
Canterbury Woodchip Supplies  Wood chip  Canterbury member
CID Resource Recovery Urban wood fuel Auckland member
City Firewood Hog fuel
Residential firewood
Christchurch member
Goodwood Hog fuel
Wood chip
Bay of Plenty, Waikato, South Auckland member & Fuel supplier
Otago Pellet Fires Wood pellets Otago member

Some of these suppliers have wood fuel retailers nationwide - please check their website or the Bioenergy Facilities Directory category 'fuel supplier' to find their location.

Collecting biomass

Biomass can be sourced from a wide range of sources. 

  • Searching for wood fuel supply
  • Wood fuel availability in NZ
  • Sustainability of biomass fuels 

Converting biomass into fuel

Biomass sourced from forest harvesting or wood processing is often not suitable for direct use as a fuel and requires pretreatment.

  • Producing quality wood fuel
  • Wood fuel production technology 
  • Cost of producing and delivering wood fuel 
  • Woody biomass fuel drying for forced drying options 
  • Making cardboard into pellets 
  • Fibre pile management best practices
  • Wood fuel quality assurance