Funding sources

Wood Energy South

Wood Energy South (a joint partnership project between EECA and Venture Southland) has funds available to assist Southland businesses with wood energy projects and welcomes applications as part of the Wood Energy South Project.  Funding is available for Feasibility Studies, as Capital Funding and for Crown Loans. Information for Service Providers is available here.  To apply please contact Wood Energy South before making an application. Read more..>

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA)

Funding and Support: We offer a range of services, resources and funding to help you manage your energy spend.  For many of our programmes, we work through Programme Partners - busnesses with the specialist, technical expertise to help you identify and implement cost-effective projects.  Read more..>

Systems optimisation: cost effective savings are often possible by making better use of existing plant and equipment.  By recalibrating equipment so that it meets the needs of building occupants and production demands, significant energy savings can be achieved.  Read more..>

Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI)

MPI has funding available to encourage innovation, and support forestry projects that improve land production, or reduce erosion. Find out more about MBIE grants, schemes, and partnerships

The Sustainable Farming Fund (SFF) - invests in farmer, grower and forester-led projects that deliver economic, environmental and social benefits to New Zealand's primary industries.  Read more..>