Promoting supply and use of quality wood fuel in New Zealand, Australia, SE Asia and the Pacific

Wood fuel - sustainable, affordable, reliable and available

Wood energy is created from the combustion of wood fuel and is used to produce heat or electricity. Wood fuel is a sustainable, carbon-neutral, clean burning fuel and offers a real opportunity for New Zealand to become greener and less dependent on fossil fuels.

There is a strong market for wood fuel – New Zealand has a thriving wood fuel sector, with expertise in the production and sale of all types of wood fuel and the heat plant equipment in which to use it.

Forest owners and wood processors can earn extra revenue by collecting logging and wood harvest residue and converting it into wood fuel.

Wood energy is a form of bioenergy and increasing our use of bioenergy is good for the economy –   providing economic growth through improved land use, new businesses and employment, particularly in rural communities.

Here you’ll find the latest information on wood fuel production and use in New Zealand – from producers and suppliers of wood fuel, to equipment providers and consultants with recognised wood energy expertise. If you are a forest owner or wood processor and want to find out more about how you can profit from harvest residue that currently goes to waste, contact us. 

The Bioenergy Association represents the New Zealand bioenergy industry and is the only bioenergy-specific member association in New Zealand.  We provide assistance and a wealth of bioenergy information to support members' business and promote their expertise and capabilities in the New Zealand and Australian bioenergy sectors.  To achieve these objectives, the Bioenergy Association manages this portal.



NZ Sustainable Business Network - Bioenergy Association is pleased to announce becoming a finalist at the NZ Sustainable Business Network Awards 2016. The awards are designed to showcase and highlight the fantastic contribution business, Govt, NGOs and Individuals are making towards sustainability in NZ. 

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) - Bioenergy Association welcomes recognition as a leader in the EECA Awards 2016.