Legislation and standards for wood energy

In New Zealand the primary legislative requirements for building and operating wood energy facilities relate to consents required under the Resource Management Act and safe operation. There is no requirement for permitting of the activity.

There are no formal wood energy equipment standards but there are a number of different international technical standards which are relevant. See International standards relating to solid biofuels. The Bioenergy Association has therefore developed industry based Technical Guides which are based on the best of the international standards and best practice, and those aspects which apply to the New Zealand and Australian wood energy markets.

The Technical Guides are developed and maintained by the Bioenergy Association Wood Energy Interest Group and should be read as the technical standards applying in New Zealand and Australia. They condense down to the main elements of the plant and performance within the market. Designers of equipment etc should refer to the full international standards when devloping new equipment.

The Technical Guides reflect best practice in the New Zealand and Australian wood energy sectors.

Use the links below to access information on wood energy legislation, regulations, standards and specifications.