Given the extensive forestry and organic waste resources in New Zealand, the country is well served for wood and forestry focused research, but under resourced on the utilisation of residual organic waste to produce energy and coproducts..

International bioenergy research

 New Zealand and Australia are participants in the research activities undertaken by IEA Bioenergy.

Close link is also held to international researchers:

FP Innovations in Canada

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in the USA.

For a snapshot of the leading researchers in this area see below:

Bio-Protection Research Centre (Lincoln University) 

The Bio-Protection Research Centre is finding innovative, natural and sustainable solutions to protect New Zealand's plant-based, productive ecosystems from pests, diseases and weeds. Work also includes cellulosic biofuel feedstocks.  Read more

CRL Energy

CRL Energy is an energy. minerals and environmental research and consulting company, we offer technical services in minerals exploration programme management, geological mapping and 3D modelling, resource evaluation and certification, hydrogeology, coal seam gas content analysis, mine drainage treatment and site remediation, combustion carbonisation and gasification, and air emissions and stack testing.  CRL Energy's Government-supported (MBIE) research programmes include environmental protocols for coal and mineral mining, coal gasification, clean energy production from coal and biomass, and coal-based nano-materials. Read more.

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA)

Businesses and organisations are increasingly using wood for industrial energy generation, horticulture such as heating greenhouses, and for heating commercial buildings and schools. Wood is now the fourth largest energy source after oil, coal and gas. Part of its popularity in recent years is due to the fact that wood can be grown and used sustainably. Wood energy is also carbon neutral as the carbon released by burning wood is equal to the carbon absorbed by trees during growth. Wood energy is a form of bioenergy. Bioenergy is energy from the sun which is captured in organic material such as wood, crops or animal waste. Read more


Scion is a Crown Research Institute dedicated to improving the international competitiveness of the New Zealand forest industry and building a stronger biobased economy.  We offer a wide range of services across a broad range of forest, wood processing and biomaterials areas.  These services include: consultancy providing technical advice, testing, research and develiopment through a pilot plant development and commercialisation of research. Read more