Registered wood energy advisors

Undertaking wood energy projects, such as feasibility studies or heat plant construction and commissioning, requires specialist knowledge and experience in all aspects of plant equipment, fuel, feedstock, operation, maintenance and safety.

Bioenergy Association-registered wood energy advisers have expertise in balancing fuel type and grade and equipment design and have demonstrated professional conduct, experience and knowledge. They must work within the Code of Conduct and undertake continuing professional development offered by the Association, including webinars, workshops and site visits.

A growing number of business considering wood energy related projects are seeking experts who are registered. Registration provides information to the client that the adviser is keeping up-to-date with best practice and has experience in wood energy.

Are you a wood energy advisor?

Talk to us about becoming a Bioenergy Association-registered wood energy advisor.  More information is available in the following links:

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Registered advisors are listed under the following endorsements:

  • fuel and fuel handling - includes biomass sourcing and fuel preparation; supply contracts
  • heat plant engineering and operation - includes design of primary and ancillary equipment; tender, construction and commissioning
  • commercial feasibility and contracts - includes commercial analysis; business case preparation; market analysis and development
  • engineering and commercial - includes all aspects 

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