Solid biofuel suppliers

Solid biofuel can be produced from sustainable wood or herbaceous biomass resources and sold in a number of types and grades (chip, hog, pellets, firewood) which for efficient operation need to be matched to the design of the heat plant in which it will be used.

  • The types of fuel are set out in Technical Guide 1 (Solid Biofuel Classification Guidelines).

Commercial/industrial biomass fuel

Commercial or industrial producers of heat may purchase from registered solid biofuel suppliers fuel of any type and form necessary to meet the fuel specification for their biomass boiler system. Bioenergy Association has developed Technical Guide 6 Contracting to Deliver Quality Wood Fuel to Customers which outlines best practice for buying and selling wood fuel. It includes a Model Contract for the Sale and Purchase of Wood Fuel and is linked to a Technical Guide 5 Standard Methods for Verifying the Quality of Solid Biofuels outlining how to verify fuel quality when delivered.

Residential biomass fuel

Biomass fuel for residential water or space heating will generally be either firewood, wood pellets or briquettes/firelogs. Registered suppliers of firewood provide fit for purpose fuel according to customer requirements eg, dry firewood for immediate use, or high moisture fuel which requires drying before use. Wood pellet fuel is produced to the required fuel specification set out in Technical Guide 1.

Registered Solid Biofuel Suppliers

Bioenergy Association operates a Solid Biofuel Supplier Registration Scheme. Registration ensures suppliers have the ability to correctly supply specified fuel and that they have quality assurance processes and procedures in place for its reliable and consistent production, storage and delivery. Bioenergy Association registered solid biofuel suppliers have demonstrated to an independent party that they reliably supply consistently-graded fuels and are backed by the Association's Professional Standards and Complaints Scheme.

Internationally certified

Some Registered Solid Biofuel Suppliers demonstrate that they have an appropriate quality assurance fuel production and delivery system by being audited by an international certifying body. These suppliers who are internally certified for the production of specified solid biofuels meet the highest international quality assurance standards.

International certifying bodies are:

  • ENplus
  • DINplus
  • Goodchip

Quality assured

Solid Biofuel Suppliers who have systems for the production of specified solid biofuels which are not internationally certified can alternatively demonstrate to the Bioenergy Association Registration Scheme Administrator that they have appropriate quality assurance systems for the production and delivery of those specified solid biofuels. The production of those fuels is self certified as being quality assured.

Become a registered solid biofuel supplier

Talk to us about becoming a Registered Solid Biofuel Supplier. Registration requires supporting evidence of quality assurance processes for the production, storage and delivery of wood fuel, fuel quality testing methods and customer references. Full details can be found in the scheme's:

Only accredited suppliers are able to display the Bioenergy Association Registered Solid Biofuel Supplier logo to show that they have fulfilled the required standards for high quality fuel production and distribution.

Find a Registered Solid Biouel Supplier

Solid biofuel testing

Have you got biomass that could be converted to fuel?

A number of fuel suppliers are seeking sources of biomass for their business. If you have biomass that you would like to dispose of contact the listed suppliers in the first instance. Contact us if you have any queries or need assistance getting in touch with them.

Wood fuel supply market development activities

The Combustion of Biomass Interest Group is an operational arm of the Bioenergy Association and provides oversight to the biomass energy sector. It establishes and publishes the best practice technical guides, hosts workshops and webinars, manages a work programme of activities. Any Association members with an interest in wood or herbaceous fuel may join the Interest Group and fully participate providing guidance to the biomass energy sector market development.

The Residential Wood Pellet Heating Working Group (RWPHWG) is a subset of the Combustion of Biomass Interest Group. The RWPHWG oversees any matter related to residential wood pellet heating including standards and development of best practice guides.

The Registered Solid Biofuel Suppliers Working Group (RSBSWG) is a subset of the Combustion of Biomass Interest Group. The RSBSWG oversees any matter related to the promotion of biomass fuel supply.

Membership of the Combustion of Biomass Interest Group or its Working Groups is available to all members of the Bioenergy Association.

Contact us if you are interested in the work of the Combustion of Biomass Interest Group and its Working Groups.


In the unlikley event that you have a problem which you can not resolve directly with your supplier you may make a complaint here. If you are unsure about some aspect feel free to contact the executive officer.