Solid biofuel testing

Testing to ensure quality solid biofuels

The Bioenergy Association recommends that wood fuel be only purchased from suppliers who have a formal quality management system. An appropriate quality management system would be supported by regular testing of the fuel being delivered to customers. Day-to-day testing may be done on-site but this will be calibrated at least monthly by external testing.

Accredited Solid Biofuel Suppliers have have demonstrated to an independent party that they have appropriate quality management systems and that you can rely on their ability to consistently supply your contracted fuel to the required specification. 

The recommendations for quality testing of fuel are set out in the following guide:

Recommended testing laboratories

Members who can provide wood fuel testing equipment or services are:

Supplier Equipment and services
Pentarch Technical Services All wood fuel types tested
SPS All wood fuel types tested
Verum Group All wood fuel types tested
IPL Heavy metals and Mercury testing
Veritec (Scion) All wood fuel types tested

Testing equipment

 Simple moisture testing of fuel delivered to a customer can be done in a bin meter as set out in Technical Note 89 (In preparation). 

Supplier Equipment and services
Applied Instruments Group (2007) Measuring fuel type and quantity