Find wood energy registered advisors

The scheme is aimed at identifying advisers who are knowledgeable, experienced and independent of equipment suppliers. The scheme is administered by an independent body, to assess and approve adviser’s capabilities. The registration relates to the competence of the individual advisers and not about the company which they may engage: 

Registered wood energy advisors as follows:
Registered advisor Endorsement Areas of expertise

Brook Brewerton
(Azwood Energy)

Fuel and fuel handling Wood fuel supply

Brett Eades
(DETA Consulting)



Registered advisor applications being processed as follows:

Rob Mallinson
(Living Energy)

Commercial feasibility and contracts Heat plant scoping and supply

Christian Jirkowsky
(Polytechnik Biomass Energy)

Heat plant engineering and operation Heat plant scoping and supply

You can also download the list here.

Look for the logo of the Registered Wood Energy Advisors.  This signals that they meet standards acceptation to the Bioenergy Association.