Web121011: Miscanthus multi-use energy crop

A webinar presented by Peter Brown, Miscanthus New Zealand on 11 October 2012.  Miscanthus is a short rotation plant that can be used as a fuel for heat plant or as a future feedstock for transport biofuel production. An advantage of Miscanthus is that it is non invasive and within three years can be producing an annual revenue stream for landowners. It is an ideal energy crop for small scale landowners as it is harvested like grass.  Because it is harvested when it’s dry it can be stored in bundles until required and so there are no storage facilities required.  It’s used in the northern hemisphere in large and increasing quantities and is just starting to take off in New Zealand.

Peter Brown of Miscanthus New Zealand Limited talked about what Miscanthus is capable of, what it can be used for and how the Miscanthus industry is developing in New Zealand.

Peter’s virtual tour of the use of Miscanthus in New Zealand included:

  • Background about what Miscanthus is and how it grows
  • Where and how it can be grown – the requirements for success
  • How Miscanthus New Zealand is multiplying the plant for commercial sale
  • Commercial end uses, both established and in development
  • Current research – both in-house and by research institutions
  • The economics of Miscanthus production and use
  • Future possibilities.

Presenter profile

Peter Brown has over 44 years’ experience in forestry planting, harvesting and utilisation.   He has been involved in development and use of a variety of natural resources throughout NZ, Australia, Asia and the Pacific including Chile and China.  MNZ has been in operation only two years, but already has plants established at 10 sites throughout NZ.  Peter is a Fellow of the NZ Institute of Forestry and has served twice on the council of this Institute. 

Miscanthus New Zealand Ltd (MNZ) is able to provide Miscanthus plants, establishment and management expertise, utilisation advice, plus research and development competency to interested industry participants. MNZ is active in international Miscanthus markets.

Use the following link to access the webinar recording

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