Technical Guide 10: Consultant/specifier practice paper for wood fuel industrial and commercial heating systems

This practice paper seeks to provide broad guidance, primarily for Consultants and Specifiers, on evaluating and carrying out wood fuelled industrial and commercial heating system projects.  

The paper covers hot water and saturated steam plant for a size range typical of small to medium commercial and industrial plant, and common wood fuel types.

The paper considers initial project evaluation to establish business criteria and basic economic viability, system and project design (heat loads, fuel supplies, plant design), and contracting. 

The paper does not (and cannot) provide detailed design information for the full range of plant and issues involved, but it does seek to identify and discuss the issues that must be resolved, and proposes good-practice approaches for achieving these resolutions. For many project aspects, checklists are provided with the aim of assisting the Consultant/Specifier in ensuring that all relevant issues are addressed.

For many aspects of biomass projects, responsibility can only rest with one party, and so it is important that all parties are clearly aware of what is required of them. This paper outlines the responsibilities that are commonly associated with the various project roles. For all cases, it is assumed that parties will clarify their own competence to undertake their roles and responsibilities.

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