Strategic biomass vision for the Netherlands towards 2030

The Netherlands strives for green growth: an economy that grows, innovates and competes in a sustainable manner. Greening of our economy is essential. We must preserve our natural capital, curb our dependence on fossil and scarce resources and reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.  Sustainability is a source for economic growth. It is a driving force for innovation and can further boost the earning capacity of the Dutch economy. In this way, we also secure our prosperity for future generations.

Biomass plays an important role in this regard, both in food supply and in the transition towards a biobased and circular economy. This is an economy that operates increasingly on biomass as a resource instead of fossil resources. The bio-based economy is one of the cornerstones of the circular economy, in which products and materials are recycled and raw materials retain their value.

A promise to draw up a strategic vision for biomass use towards 2030 was made in the letter to the House of Representatives of the States-General on ‘Added value from biomass through cascading’.   This ‘Strategic Biomass Vision for the Netherlands towards 2030’ provides clarity on the future use of biomass and what it can mean for the European climate and energy policy as we approach 2030.

The ‘Strategic Biomass Vision for the Netherlands towards 2030’ also explains how biomass can contribute towards policy objectives for food security, renewable energy, biofuels and a bio-based and circular economy, combined with the strong economic development of the Netherlands.

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