NZ Biomass Resource Atlas, Vol. 1

Volume 1: Lignocellulosic Residue
(by Peter Hall, Barbara Hock and Carolyn Hodgson, Scion, June 2008)

This report presents a set of data as maps and tables, showing the amounts and locations of forest residues and other lignocellulosic residues over time from 2005 to 2030 (2050 for forest harvest residues). The resources included are derived from:

forest harvest residues; municipal wood waste; wood processing residues; agricultural crop residues, and horticultural residues

This report provides a summary of data, as at June 2008, with some attempts to predict forward based on drivers such as known crops (forest age classes) and population.

Note:  Please note that only Volume 2 Wastes and Effluents is uploaded to this resource. Volume 1 Lignocellulosic  could not be uploaded due to its large size (over 129MB).  Please contact us to arrange to have Volume 1 sent to you.