Code of Practice: design, safe operation, maintenance and servicing of boilers

Approved Code of Practice - Design, safe operation, maintenance and servicing of boilers

This approved code of practice was prepared and revised by a technical committee comprising representatives from the Insurance Council, inspection bodies, classification societies, the NZ Employer's Federation, Manufacturer's Association, Heavy Engineering Research Association, NZ Combined Trade Unions, Association of Marine, Aviation and Power Engineers, and OSH's Engineering Safety Group.

Its purpose is to update and bring together into one document the minimum requirements for the design, safe operation, maintenance and servicing of boiler plant. With the advent of more stringent boiler manufacturing standards (chiefly relating to weld inspection and tubesheet design) and the availability of high-integrity, self-monitoring controls, boiler plant now presents no more danger to personnel than many other pressure equipment items in general use. Accordingly, the committee saw fit to extend the limits for unattended steam boilers in line with current overseas practice. This relaxation of the manning requirements imposes substantial obligations on the controller to ensure that this code is followed, and that boiler supervisory and maintenance staff have adequate training. This code also includes high-temperature hot water boilers.


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