Find accredited wood fuel suppliers

The following Bioenergy Association members are accredited suppliers of wood fuel:

Supplier Types of fuel supplied Areas supplied Status
Azwood Energy Wood pellet
Wood chip
Hog fuel
 Nation wide  Accredited
Canterbury Woodchip Supplies  Wood chip Canterbury  Accredited
Natures Flame 

Wood pellet

Nation wide Accredited
Pioneer Energy  Wood chip Nation wide Accredited

Some of these suppliers have wood fuel retailers nationwide - please check their website or the Bioenergy Facilities Directory category 'fuel supplier' to find their location.

Note that Accredited Wood Fuel Suppliers and listed retailers are covered by the Association's Professional Standards and Complaints Scheme.

Become an accredited wood fuel supplier

Talk to us about becoming an Accredited wood fuel supplier. Accreditation requires supporting evidence of quality assurance processes for the production, storage and delivery of wood fuel, fuel quality testing methods and customer references. Full details can be found in the scheme's Guidance Document and application form

Only accredited suppliers are able to display the Bioenergy Association-accredited wood fuel supplier logo to show that they have fulfilled the required standards for high quality fuel production and distribution.