Niagara announces expansion of Kennington and Craigpine Winton sites

Niagara is pleased to confirm that they have reached an agreement to purchase Craigpine timber.

With 5 sawmills already closing this year around NZ, Niagara is thrilled that they will be able to integrate the CraigPine sawmill into tjeir timber operations enabling the Craigpine sawmill and legacy to live on.

Niagara’s intention is to run the Craigpine sawmill on a single shift 5 days a week, kiln dry the timber at the Winton site, and then transport all the kiln dried timber to Kennington to be processed through Niagara’s industry leading remanufacturing plant. Where Craigpine’s traditional model was to export unprocessed sawn timber to Asia, Niagara plans to instead further process the timber into quality building products such as weatherboards, and increase supply into the New Zealand building market.

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