Wood fuels

Developing new resources for the wood fuel sector in NZ

The Bioenergy Association's Wood Fuel Interest Group is currently looking at several new pieces of work with regard to wood fuel and invites interested members to get involved. The Wood Fuel (WFIG) and Wood Pellet (WPIG) Interest Groups developed a technical guide a few years ago that focused on tips when seeking proposals for the installation of new heat plant. The WFIG is now moving on to a guide that is focused on securing the fuel. Despite ample supplies nationally, the Bioenergy Association sees that the wood fuel supply market is not working efficiently and so, in line with our industry role, we are taking steps to address this. In summary the WFIG will address the following:

  • Develop a Model Wood Fuel Supply Contract so that asset owners can be assisted in seeking offers for wood fuel supply
  • Developing a technical guide for the Purchase of Wood Fuel Supply.

The WFIG will also now take an opportunity to revise another key technical guide – the Wood Fuel Classification Guidelines. The revision will take account what has been learnt post the initial release of the guidelines.  In particular, we are interested in contributions from those who have used the guidelines thus far.

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