Standards - Wood pellet heating fuels & appliances


Why do we need Standards?

 Standards are used by a diverse range of organisations to ensure safe operation. As an industry group Bioenergy Association passionately support the goal to ensure that the products sold and installed in New Zealand and Australia are safe.  We also support the goal of providing a meaningful and relevant framework for consenting authorities to be informed regarding the safety of wood pellet heaters. New Zealand and Australia have joint standards but more and more the international standards are taking precidence over individual country standards.

International ISO standards for solid biofuels are listed here.

Accredited Wood Fuel Suppliers

The Bioenergy Association Accredited Wood Fuel Supplier Scheme includes suppliers of wood pellets. Wood Pellets should only be purchased from Accredited Wood Fuel Suppliers.

Pellet standards

The Bioenergy Association Solid Biofuel Classification Guidelines sets out the wood pellet standards covering: size, shape, chemical content, water content etc.  Accredited Wood Fuel Suppliers manufacture their pellet fuel to meet these Guidelines.

A simple consumer test of fuel quality is available here.

Wood pellet heater manufacturing standards

  • Approved wood pellet burners for installation in new Zealand are listed here.

Wood pellet heater installation standards

Solid wood fires must be installed in New Zealand and Australia to AS/NZS 2918Domestic solid fuel burning appliances - Installation . The current revision of this standard excludes wood pellet heaters. A new standard AS/NZS 5148 Domestic
solid fuel burning appliances—Pellet heaters—Installation
is under development to cover wood pellet heater installation. 

Bioenergy Association is urrently preparing a Technical Guide setting out best practice guidelines for installing residential wood pellet heaters

Emission standards

Wood pellet heaters must meet the air qualty standards in New Zealand.

  • More information on the standards relating to residential wood pellet heating is available here.