Safe plant operation

Plant optimisation and maintenance

Wood fuel heat plant are designed and built to be safely operated if properly maintained.

Plant operation

Heat plant should only be operated by people who have been trained into their safety features. This includes relief operators.

Fuel storage and Handling

Biomass fuel is generally very safe to handle and store. The main risks are dust inhalation and spontaneous combustion. If a fuel store has doors which are opened to access or put in new fuel then care should be taken when opening the door that dust is not blown over the operator and inhaled.  Dust control and mitigation standards and equipment are available.

Spontaneous combustion of biomass fuel can occur if the fuel gets wet and the decomposing biomass heats up. This can occur to chip or pellets.. Guidance for fighting fires in pellet silos is provided here.  Note the dangers of using CO2 to quench wood pellet silo fires.