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Bioenergy Association is committed to reducing its own carbon footprint and to avoid travel related emissions undertakes most meetings by video conferencing.

Bio Energy Association LogoThe Wood Energy Interest Group (WEIG) maintains this website as a portal to all information on the use of wood energy in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific.

The Bioenergy Association represents the Oceania bioenergy and biofuels industry.  We provide assistance and a wealth of bioenergy information to support members' business and promote their expertise and capabilities in the New Zealand, Australian and Pacific bioenergy sectors.

The Association activities cover:

  • Advocacy and growing the use of bioenergy and biofuels
  • Establishment of best practice standards and practitioner continuing professional development
  • Information dissemination
  • Member support for their bioenergy or biofuels business

The Association is a collective of people who believe that by working as a group we can make more progress than by acting individually. A quarter of membership fees is a pooled fund of money to undertake activities to grow the sector and develop best practice standards. If you want to work with others to ensure that bioenergy solutions contribute to a sustainable future you should join the Association.

By working collectively we have a bigger voice for the sector and putting a strong case for bioenergy and biofuels. As a member of the collective you shape the messages and the actions to make bioenergy and biofuels relevant.

Bioenergy Association membership is open to anyone with a commercial interest in bioenergy.  Our members include land and forestry owners, wood processors, feedstock suppliers, fuel and energy suppliers, equipment supplies, manufacturers, consultants, contractors, energy researchers, educators, regulators and investors.

The Association advocates to Government on bioenergy related policy, develops best practice Technical Guides for New Zealand and Australia, hosts workshops and webinars and assists potential investors in bioenergy based solutions to assess technologies, market opportunities and market risks.

Wood Energy Interest Group

The WEIG is the operational arm of the Bioenergy Association responsible for the Association's wood energy programmes, policies, standards and advocacy.   

The WEIG supports members' wood energy business activities by undertaking advocacy for the use of wood energy, provides independent information on wood energy to the public and investors, and assists the Association establish and maintain best practice standards.Through a programme of information sessions, workshops and other events, the WEIG promotes the supply and use of quality wood fuel. Its members include leading providers of wood fuel and suppliers of heat plant technologies as well as asset owners who want to ensure there is a reliable supply of quality wood fuel for their facilities.

The WEIG focuses on the development of sector technical guides and other resources promoting quality wood fuel standards, along with the Association's  Wood Fuel Supplier Accreditation and Wood Energy Adviser Registration schemes.  Membership is open to any Bioenergy Association member with an interest in wood energy.

The WEIG Committee has reviewed the assumptions for growth in the use of wood energy over the next two decades and summarised this in Information Sheet 32: GHG reduction using wood energy for heat.

The WEIG has also developed a series of recommendations on what would assist the switch from fossil fuels to wood energy for heat production.  If you would like to participate in this work contact the Executive Officer.

Members of the Bioenergy Association are welcome to discuss any bioenergy or biofuels matter on a confidentual basis with the Executive Officer. The Executive Officer is independent and has a wealth of sector knowledge and experience which members can tap into for free.

Wood Energy sub-groups

The WEIG has formed dedicated sub groups where members address specific wood energy sector issues.

Air Quality

The Air Quality Sub group is addressing the inconsistencies and barriers to installation of wood fuelled heat plant across the regions. If you are aware of problems with the air quality plans and policies in in any region or wish guidance on any air emission matter contact the Executive Officer.

Residential Wood Pellet Heating

Wood pellet producers and retailers of residential wood pellet heaters are working together to address the installation standards across different jurisdictions in New Zealand and Australia. An installation standard and guide for installation best practice are being developed. This will lead to development of training courses and  establishment of an installer accreditation scheme.

A market development plan is under development.

Training and Professional Development

The Training and Professional Development sub group oversees a suite of short courses which are open to members and non members. New courses are continuously being developed and if you have a topic that you think needs greater attention you are encouraged to contact the Executive Officer.

Wood Fuel Supply

The Wood Fuel Supply sub group is curently preparing a projection of the likley wood fuel supply across all regions for the next 20-30 years. This projection will be updated annually and published on this website.The sub group has a programme of work to provide assurance to wood energy facility owners that adequate wood fuel will be available for the economic life of their facility.

Join the Wood Energy Interest Group

Joining the Wood Energy Interest Group of the Bioenergy Association is quick and easy. The sooner you join, the sooner you'll begin to enjoy member benefits. Download and complete the Bioenergy Association membership application form (includes fees). As a member of the Association you are then elegible to be a member of the WEIG for free. Contact the Executive Officer to discuss how you can benefit from Bioenergy Association membership.